Walking with the Dead – An Archaeologist’s View of the Deceased

Holy Trinity Church Lambley Nottinghamshire James Wright

Graveyard in Holy Trinity Church, Lambley, Nottinghamshire, UK. – Credit to James Wright

To celebrate his up coming talk at the London Fortean Society event ‘The Haunted Landscape: British Folklore, Ghosts and Magic’ this weekend, archaeologist James Wright has kindly written a post for us on what it’s like to work with the dead in a professional capacity.
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Brompton Cemetery, London, UK

Brompton Cemetery is part of the ‘Magnificent Seven’ group of cemeteries in London. Opened in 1840 it was consecrated by the Bishop of London on the 12th June and the first burial took place on the 22nd. It was originally known as the West of London and Westminster Cemetery and covers over 39 acres and is a great place to see examples from many art movements such as Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts as well as examples of ceramics, stone craft and other decorative work.

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